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Lifenotes – a user’s guide to making sense of life on planet earth
by Peter de Ruyter
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De Ruyter, Peter; ‘Lifenotes – a user’s guide to making sense of life on planet earth’

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Paperback:419 pages
Trim size: 153 x 229 mm
This book will transform the way you view yourself and live your life
‘Lifenotes’ is a Metaphysical exploration of the human condition on planet Earth, and as such is much more than just another discussion about creative visualization. You’ll be delighted and surprised to discover the deep and intriguing twists presented by the author, as step by step, arguments and techniques provide ways of looking at Life’s numerous challenges through entirely different eyes.
After reading this book, your perception of what a human life is all about will be altered forever in many constructive ways. In turn, such fundamental changes to your world-view can become the beginning of an entirely new and exciting chapter of your Life Journey.
Reading ‘Lifenotes’, you’ll find yourself reconsidering various things you may have believed about yourself and life, such as reincarnation being a simultaneous rather than sequential process; that creative visualization is ultimately a journey into spirituality – not just materiality; that we are Co-creators – not the Creator; that creative visualization certainly works, but requires both understanding and skill…and much more.
Here is a book for the novice within the Metaphysical arena of thinking, as well as for those who have already done much research and practice in this field. Both kinds of readers will find much to delight, challenge and augment their ability to live the human experience from a greatly enhanced point of empowerment.
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