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Looking for a Lamb (Hardback)
A father’s journey up the mountain of grief – and beyond by Tony R. Woods
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Looking for a Lamb – by Tony R. Woods
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Paperback: 158 pages
Publisher: Marton Pubishing (2005)
ISBN: 0974984140
Trim size: 223 x 145 mm
This is a story of a journey up the mountain of grief and hope: grief over the news that a precious son will die, and hope that perhaps the inevitable will be avoided. For eight months, the struggle continues as leukaemia takes its toll. Before his father’s eyes, this once robust young teenager becomes an invalid, pain his daily companion. Step by tortuous step they climb together past one milestone after another. In spite of the prayers of loved ones and the best medical science can offer, it becomes obvious that the battle will be lost. But in desperation, the father remembers another journey, in another time…
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