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GOD – a balance of probabilities?
by Robert Rowe
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God - a balance of probabilities? A discussion, based on a Philosphical and Scientific balance of probabilities, that provides a different look at Man’s relationships with his world and beyond, for those who still have questions - by Robert Rowe

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Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Robert Rowe (2013)
ISBN: 978-1-9217757-6-5
Trim size: 153 x 229 mm


This book challenges the need for religious domination over Mankind’s relationship with his God, as these are based on somebody’s ideas, a couple of Millennium ago, of how he thought God should be approached, by uneducated people, and is based on conditions existing at that time.
This approach is no longer acceptable and an alternative is suggested based on today’s Philosophical and Scientific views.
What If?
What if our task in life is to develop a spiritual understanding of our place in the Universe and the ability to relate harmoniously to all other species on Earth is a part of this development?

What if each of us is already complete with an Inner Self, so that, given the right opportunity and conditions, we are sufficient of ourselves, to carry out this task of spiritual development?

What if each of us is already a spiritual being with an indestructible relationship with God, regardless of any Man made religious overlay?

What if God really has no interest in our physical welfare as this is mostly, within Man’s abilities? And what if history is seen to suggest this is so?

What if Science and Philosophy are the two ends of the same stick?

What if death is simply a change from one form of reality into another?

Perhaps, to the non-physical reality we experience as dreaming?

What if, at death, each of us leaves this world as a spiritual identity - as we entered it, and then proceeds on to another stage of spiritual development appropriate to our level of understanding?

What if all of this is so and we really have no need for competing man made religious systems of personal, spiritual salvation, with attendant religious guilt, domination, bigotry, and so on?

Think about each of these for a minute or two and then ask yourself, truthfully, why they shouldn’t be so...

About the AuthorRobert Rowe, as a lad, he attended a local Methodist Church for his basic Christian religious upbringing. However, as many others have also discovered, answers to questions, which arose from enquiring minds, were either unavailable, or were a matter of opinion.

This, of course, led to a confused understanding that, the Christian religion was divided in its views on various aspects of their beliefs, in many cases, according to each Churches selfish, points of view and, in some instances, the need for monetary gain. So, how could this be?

Over the years, this led him to a very rudimentary interest in religions generally, with an emphasis in the three mono-Theistic religions, as these are inter-related, and, much later, a broadening of this interest to include basic Philosophy – the theory of living, and Science – the practice of living, to try to arrive at an irrevocable understanding that would include both disciplines, as these are the very basis of our lives.

Further, if, as put forward by Science, that the Universe is composed of energy, then it’s reasonable to assume that its Creator, whom we call God, will also be an energy source. Following this, it’s also reasonable to allow for spiritual energy visualisations to also exist, on occasion.

It was during these later years that it was apparent to him, that most of the problems associated with the three mono-Theistic religions arose, because they were based mainly on hearsay and opinions, put forward in ancient times by scholars and mystics.  These were, later, interpreted and re-interpreted down through the years, often for religious gain rather than a search for truth, and that, without some rationalisation, these were no longer acceptable today.

However, he felt that if God, is accepted as the supreme energy source, creating an energy Universe, and that both Philosophy and Science are the two instruments by which Mankind can “know” his creator, it is considered that Mankind will have taken a great step forward in his evolution, and History will have served its purpose as a background to the march forward.

This book, “God – a balance of probabilities?” discusses this possibility into a probability. It is hoped you will agree.



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