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Hunting for Tiger
by Jonathan Merryman
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Hunting for Tiger -by Jonathan Merryman

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Paperback: 170 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9923346-0-4
Trim size: 198 x 128 mm
Join Roger and Rosalind playing their favourite game of Hunt the Tiger.
“I can’t believe it!” gasped Rosalind.  “It must have been the cat that spoke!”
“Don’t be silly!” said Roger. “Cats can’t speak.”
The big cat looked at Roger crossly.  “Of course I can speak.  And I hate being called Kitty – it’s such a common name.  My proper name is Tobermory, and I happen to be a Very Important Cat. This shop is my office, and the lady behind the counter is my servant.  She feeds me and keeps the place clean for me.”
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