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Untangling the Web
by Robert Newton
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Untangling the Web by Robert Newton
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Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher:Robert Newton
ISBN: 9780648199632
Trim size: 210 x 297 mm
When Robert Newton retired from La Trobe University he took the opportunity to investigate an extraordinary collection of family papers which he had been lent in the hope that he would do something to tell the stories that lay dormant amongst them.

Over the years he wrote a series of essays which he has put together into book form in the hope that others might agree with biographer Michael Holroyd’s dictate “...that we pay a compliment to the dead by keeping them in employment to assist the living.”

Untangling the Web is the fourth and last of these books. It is a compilation of the mostly hand-written letters that were amongst the papers, added to by a number of relevant letters from other sources.
This book is transcriptions of these letters most of which were done by Robert and his wife Hilary. The difficulty of this task is illustrated by the front cover of this book.

The first letter is from the 18th Century and the last from the 20th, it was written in 1917 towards the end of WWI.

The letters provide us with more than just a historical account. It is as if we can hear the voices and imagine the thoughts of the writers providing a contemporary window into their lives and manners spanning three centuries of family history.

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