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Beyond The Boundary
by Dinesh Chelvathurai & Sajith Sivanandan
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Beyond The Boundary by Dinesh Chelvathurai & Sajith Sivanandan

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Paperback: 169 pages
Publisher: Self-published or name of publisher here
ISBN: 978-0-646-51625-7
Trim size: 148 x 210 mm
Why is it that sport often mirrors life? Like a batsman who has only one chance to score his runs, how often does life offer is just one fleeting opportunity to grab things that matter most to us?
Raj discovers that cricket is alive and kicking in Singapore. Having been brought up on an unending diet of cricket in his native India, Raj immerses himself in the game upon his arrival in Singapore. Coincidentally, it is through cricket that he meets Alison, a Singaporean Chinese girl oblivious to the passions that the game evokes.
Will two people, one with no interest in cricket and the other who knows nothing beyond it, grab the chance that life offers to bring them together?
Life is full of choices and as they struggle to find meaning in life, tough decisions will have to be made beyond the boundary…..
A feature of this book is that each of the authors has adopted one of the two main protagonists and it is from their different perspectives that Raj and Alison narrate their story.


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